Neal Ford & The Fanatics:
Selections from the Richard Ames Music Collection
Richard Ames Music Collection, 1964-1970
The Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Information about the Collection

Early snapshot of the band onstage at Garner State Park (summer 1965)
(left to right:
Jon Pereles on guitar, WT Butler on bass, Johnny Stringfellow on guitar, John Cravey on drums and Steve Ames on keyboard)
Note: Neal Ford was not able to make the trip

Onstage at the Living Eye (early 1967)
(left to right: Neal Ford, Johnny Stringfellow, W.T. Butler)

Neal and Jon onstage at The Living Eye (early 1967)

Contract for appearance at The Catacombs Club, October 14-15, 1966

Jones Recording Studio Invoice - October 27, 1966

Jones Recording Studio Session Contract - November 18, 1966
Songs recorded at this session: Gonna Be My Girl / Shame On You / Good Men / I Can't Go On

Tickets for appearance on Dec. 9, 1966

Press Release Dec. 12, 1966

List of songs recorded (as of Oct. 1967)

Songs produced by Ames Productions

Andrus Recording Studio brochure

Proposed track list for Tantara LP 1966-67

Draft of label for unissued Tantara 45 "Every Night a New Surprize"

Houston Post article Jan. 8, 1967 with Jon Pereles photo

"Gonna Be My Girl" handwritten sheet music (composed by Jon Pereles)

"NowSounds" Event Calendar (February 19, 1967)

"NowSounds" Pop Poll Ballot (February 19, 1967)

Jeff Millar article "Road to Riches?" about local Houston bands (Houston Post, April 16, 1967)

Full page ad in Houston Post (April 1967) for appearance at the "NowSounds Groove-In" (May 1967)

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