Country Church of Hollywood 25th

Plus Bonus Christmas Broadcast!
  2-CD Set

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast, an all day celebration was held on the church grounds, lasting well into the evening. While the entire event was not recorded, many of the highlights were and have survived until the present day. This two CD set, made from the original reel tape masters, contains all the recordings made of that special event, providing over two hours of memories of that special day.

                                     NOTE: This CD release is currently unavailable.

25TH ANNIVERSARY SERVICE: Solo (Art Jaissle) / Greetings (Dr. William W. Orr) / Piano Solo (Rudy Atwood) / Greetings & Solo (Herman Hosier) / Organ Solo (Lew Charles) / Greetings (Al Harlan) / Instrumental (Billy & Maureen Woods) / Greetings & Solos (Wilbur Nelson & Howard Jones) / Greetings (Bill George-KGER) / Solo (Greg Lauren) / Piano Solo (Bud Herman) / Greetings (Gene Carpenter-KHOF) / Music & Intro (SixTeens, Dean & Mary Jean Brown) / Greetings & Music (Tim & Velma Spenser) / Sermon (Dr. Bob Pierce) / Greetings & Organ Solo (Sister Sarah & Loren Whitney)

Click on the links below to hear samples from the 25th Anniversary Service.
1.  Art Jaissle - Greetings & Solo
2.  Dr. William W. Orr - Greetings
3.  Rudy Atwood - Greetings
4.  Rudy Atwood - Piano Solo
5.  Herman Hosier - Greetings
6.  Herman Hosier - Solo
7.  Lew Charles - Intro & Organ Solo
8.  Wilbur Nelson - Greetings
9.  Wilbur Nelson - Solo
10.  Greg Loren - Comments & Solo
11.  Tim Spencer - Greetings
12.  Tim Spencer - Solo
13.  Bob Pierce - Remarks
14.  Loren Whitney - Organ Solo

1957 CHRISTMAS RADIO BROADCAST: Solo (Dean Brown, accompanied by Mary Jean Brown) / Solo (Margie Poston) / Message (Parson Dick Lee) / Closing Remarks (Sister Sarah)

Click on the link below to hear samples of the broadcast.

Christmas Radio Broadcast Clip
Sister Sarah - Parting Remarks

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